Omega Replica Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

This Speedmaster is much more than another limited edition from Omega Replica. The brand wanted to make something special for the 60th Anniversary of its iconic chronograph, and indeed it has. The proportions and design match those of the first model launched in 1957, the reference CK2915-1, exactly. And mean exactly. This commemorative Speedmaster will very likely be one of the talks of the town in Basel this year. Let’s see why.

If you had asked any Omega enthusiast about their wildest wishes for Baselworld this year, this watch might actually have been the answer. The design of the reference CK2915-1 started it all, and announced what is arguably the most famous chronograph of all time (sorry dear Daytona, but the Omega came first and went to the Moon).

As you can read in Ben’s all-encompassing Reference Points, the Speedmaster exhibited some groundbreaking features from the start, starting with the very obvious tachymeter bezel. It was designed to be the best tool you could wear on a track (its adventures on the Moon coming much later). This outstanding design is recognized and coveted around the world, which explains why the very rare remaining Omega Replica Speedmaster reference 2915 currently trade hands for considerable amounts (and very often inspire fierce battles at auctions).

the Speedmaster replica

the Speedmaster replica

For the 60th Anniversary of the Speedmaster, Omega is offering perfect reedition of the original, and there is no doubt that the collectors will fall head-over-heels in love. It is the very first time that so much attention has been paid to replicate the smallest details – usually it is more about inspiration or modernization. This commemorative edition definitely took another route, aiming for a perfect matching look.

It starts with the case, which is the same hefty 38mm case with straight lugs as the original, not the 42mm with lyre lugs that eventually appeared. Similarly, the tachymeter bezel is etched in the very same way as the original, up to the accent on the French word tachymètre.

It really looks as if a 1957 Speedmaster was brought from the past.

The same focus on the dial yields the same results, even down to a little faux tropicalization to make the piece look older (from the few images we’ve seen, Omega doesn’t appear to have gone overboard here). Obviously, the broad arrow hands are there (as they were on the previously released Speedmaster ’57), but things go deeper than that. The applied Omega logo has been brought back, and it even seems that Omega Speedmaster signature is in the original font! As you can expect it does not come with the Professional mention, as this one was only introduced with the 42mm reference 105.012 in 1964. You can see that Omega ensured everything was looking period-correct, a very nice touch if you are even half of a purist.

Evidently, there are some upgrades as well. First, the movement is not the original caliber 321 (can you imagine how insane it would be?) but the modern evolution, the chronograph caliber 1861. The bracelet offers the same look and construction, but I would bet that it is slightly thicker and probably a little sturdier too. And, of course, the original radium lume has been replaced with SuperLuminova that replicates the color. Finally, the “Swiss Made” is now above the seconds, track while it used to be below.

This commemorative Speedmaster does not come alone, the other references unveiled in 1957 were also reproduced.

In addition to the Speedmaster, both the Seamaster and the Railmaster were released in 1957, and they’ve received similar treatments this year. Admittedly, these three watches may never match the charm of the vintage models, but you have to remember that the vintage examples are now extremely rare and costly, while these modern renditions will provide access to these groundbreaking designs to 3,557 owners each.

Omega Speedmaster Reference 2915-1 circa 1957, for comparison’s sake.

And each will be priced below 7,000 CHF too. The Speedmaster is set at 6,700 CHF (approximately $6,740 at time of publishing), and the vintage-style packaging also including one leather strap and one NATO too.

Note that it will also be possible to purchase a set with the three watches together, again in a limited edition of 557 examples, and Omega announced that those will bear dedicated engravings on the caseback and an extra script on the dial. The set will also include a watch roll, additional straps, and a strap changing tool. Pricing has been disclosed at 20,000 CHF.

For more, visit Omega online.

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