An Under-the-radar Startup Is Behind What Might Be The Best Replica Watch You Can Buy For Under $250

At Insider Picks, we’re dedicated to finding emerging brands with products that will add value to your life, whether it’s a set of nice sheets for your bed, a pair of stylish computer glasses, or a hoodie that will last you a decade.

Linjer is one of them. With millions in sales after only a few years of operation, the leather-goods company has filled the demand for affordable luxury and is poised to become the industry’s next breakout quartz replica watches brand.

Launched in 2014 by Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan, Linjer was founded on the belief that shoppers shouldn’t have to compromise quality for a good deal.

linjer replica watches
linjer replica watches

“We were fed up with having to choose between fast-fashion products that don’t last and luxury-branded goods that are really expensive,” Chong told Business Insider. “Many of us are left with little choice but to buy fast-fashion that is bad for the environment, bad for our wallets, and in many cases bad for the workers who make it.”

Linjer launched its first Kickstarter campaign for bags two years ago. Not only did the campaign raise over $350,000, but Linjer made $1 million in sales in its first 14 months. 2016 was projected to be another banner year.

Chong and Khan recently expanded Linjer with a line of minimalist top swiss copy watches for men and women.

men's fake linjer watches
men’s fake linjer watches

“We didn’t want the experience of checking the time to be stressful, so we decided to make old-school analog watches to bring some ‘analog peace’ into our lives,” Chong said.

Linjer spent 18 months perfecting two watch designs, and it paid off. The Minimalist and the classic womens fake watches each come with vegetable-tanned leather straps, Swiss movements, and scratchproof sapphire crystals. Best of all, both retail for just $249.

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